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This website is an important source of information for Australian businesses and individuals, and features the Organisational Resilience HealthCheck—a free tool to help respondents identify their organisation's resilience potential. For more information, visit the Organisational Resilience website.

The Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for Critical Infrastructure Resilience provides an environment where business and government can share vital information on security issues relevant to the protection of our critical infrastructure and the continuity of essential services in the face of all hazards.

The TISN agenda is driven by critical infrastructure owners and operators from seven Sector Groups. In addition, two Expert Advisory Groups provide advice on broad aspects of critical infrastructure requiring expert knowledge.

Gaining a better understanding of cross-sectoral issues is a key focus of the Sector Groups.

Each group of the TISN embraces the concept of critical infrastructure resilience (CIR), which is integral to achieving a disaster resilient community.

Business provides resources, expertise and many essential services on which the community depends.

This includes critical infrastructure providers, who make an important contribution to disaster resilience by understanding the risks they face and ensuring they are able to continue to provide services to the community during or soon after a disaster.