Members of the TISN include owners and operators of critical infrastructure; and representatives from Australian, State and Territory government agencies, and peak national bodies.

The TISN is made up of

  • seven Sector Groups
  • one Expert Advisory Group
  • one Oil and Gas Security Forum
  • Communities of Interest.

These groups are overseen by the Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council.

Sector Groups

Sector Groups enable critical infrastructure owners and operators to share information on threats and vulnerabilities, and collaborate on appropriate measures to mitigate risk and boost resilience.

The Sector Groups cover

Each Sector Group is supported by an Australian Government agency – usually the agency that has portfolio responsibility for that sector.

Expert Advisory Groups

Currently there is one Expert Advisory Group on resilience that was established to advise the Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council and the Sector Groups.

Oil and Gas Security Forum

This Forum is a sub-group of the Energy Sector Group.

It provides an avenue for discussion to improve the resilience of the Australian oil and gas industry through sharing all hazard security information and insights between industry participants and government agencies.

Communities of Interest

Members from the Sector Groups and other interested parties also get together to form Communities of Interest as issues arise, to develop appropriate knowledge and understanding, and share information.

Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council

The Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council oversees the groups of the TISN, and advises the Attorney-General on the Australian Government’s approach to critical infrastructure resilience.

Each of the Sector Groups, the states and territories, relevant Australian Government agencies, the Australian Local Government Association, and the National Counter-Terrorism Committee are represented on the Advisory Council.

Diagram of the TISN

How to join the TISN

Owners and operators of critical infrastructure, and all government agencies directly associated with critical infrastructure can seek membership on the Sector Groups.

If you are interested in finding out more about the TISN, please contact