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Welcome to the TISN website

Critical infrastructure delivers essential services such as food, water, healthcare, electricity, communications, transportation and banking. Without these services, Australia's social cohesion, economic prosperity and public safety are threatened. The resilience of our critical infrastructure is therefore integral to a strong economy and a vibrant business sector. It is also vital to the resilience of our communities to disasters.

The Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for Critical Infrastructure Resilience was established by the Australian Government in 2003. It is Australia's primary national engagement mechanism for business-government information sharing and resilience building initiatives on critical infrastructure resilience. The TISN provides a secure environment for critical infrastructure owners and operators across eight sector groups to regularly share information and cooperate within and across sectors to address security and business continuity challenges.

The work of the TISN is also complemented by a range of business-government engagement mechanisms on broader national security policy issues.

Australian Government Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy

The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy was launched in May 2015. The strategy consists of a policy statement and a plan for practical implementation, and aims to ensure the continued operation of critical infrastructure in the face of all hazards.


US Department of Justice indictment of cyber actors

The Australian Government expresses its concern over reports of global malicious cyber intrusions, as detailed in the 22 July 2020 unsealing of indictments by the US Department of Justice.

The indictments note that these actors compromised networks across the world for commercial and personal gain. The actors targeted a range of industries, including manufacturing, medical device engineering, software, solar energy, pharmaceuticals, and defence.

Of particular concern, these individuals also reportedly targeted COVID-19 research as well as political dissidents, religious minorities and human rights advocates.

A copy of the joint statement is available, see US Department of Justice Indictment of Cyber Actors.

Australia supports joint UK-US-Canada Cyber Security Advisory on Russia

The Australian Cyber Security Centre, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Department of Home Affairs, have today issued a joint statement to declare Australia’s support for the release of the US, UK and Canada’s Joint Cyber Security Advisory which details malicious cyber activity by Russian actors targeting organisations involved in COVID-19 vaccine development.

The Joint Advisory makes clear that these cyber actors are conducting an ongoing campaign against government, diplomatic, think tank, healthcare and energy targets to steal intellectual property. The Advisory notes that the cyber actors almost certainly operate as part of Russian intelligence services.

We encourage all Australians to remain vigilant about cyber security threats and take steps to protect themselves online. For more information visit cyber.gov.au

A copy of the joint advisory is available, see ​UK-US-Canada Cyber Security Ad​visory​ on Russia​​​.

Advisory 2020-008: Copy-paste compromises – tactics, techniques and procedures used to target multiple Australian networks

Protecting Australia’s economy, national security and sovereignty is the Government’s top priority. The Australian Government is currently aware of, and responding to, a sustained targeting of Australian governments and companies by a sophisticated state-based actor. 

On 19 June 2020, the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the Critical Infrastructure Centre in the Department of Home Affairs released an advisory to businesses about how to protect themselves against a sophisticated cyber compromise following widespread targeting of Australian networks by a sophisticated state-based actor.

For details, see the Advisory 2020-008: Copy-paste compromises – tactics, techniques and procedures used to target multiple Australian networks [2MB PDF].​​

For how to engage​ with the ACSC, including reporting and seeking assistance with a cyber-security incident, visit www.cyber.gov.au​.​