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Cyber Security

Cyber security

Cyber security is one of Australia’s top national security priorities.

Australia’s information and communications technologies underpin every aspect of our modern lives, including the operation of critical infrastructure and the continuity of essential services.

As a result, cyber security and the resilience of our critical infrastructure are inherently linked.

The Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy has the explicit aim of maintaining a secure, resilient and trusted electronic operating environment that supports Australia’s national security and m​aximises the benefits of the digital economy.

The strategy and brochure are available from the Australia's Cyber Security Strategy website.

CERT Australia

CERT Australia is the Australian Government's national computer emergency response team and is the primary point of contact within the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) for cyber security issues affecting major Australian businesses. The CERT provides targeted advice and support on cyber threats and vulnerabilities to the owners and operators of Australia's critical infrastructure and other systems of national interest.

More information about CERT Australia is available from the CERT Australia website.​